Why we love the peloton?

A few of us turned to peloton, when Covid-19 struck and forced our gyms to close. Peloton is a brand originally known for their indoor cycle bike and it consists of on-demand home workout streamed from a studio setting. It has numerous instructors offering a variety of exercise classes that include strength training yoga, spin classes, running classes, and so much more. Each workout ranges in duration and intensity. They even have beginner’s classes if you question not being an ideal candidate. 

Another appealing aspect to Peloton is their interactive virtual support team. There is the option to follow your friends and place a hashtag on your username to connect with others that share the similar interest. Commonly, virtual high fives are given between classmates which is a comforting feeling that someone somewhere is challenging themselves alongside you. If you are a peloton user, you are virtually exercising your body with others around the world. If you take a live class, you might even get a shout-out from the instructor! Peloton is goal-oriented with awards for classes taken, personal performance and various other challenges. It is a continuously motivating environment where you can challenge yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Overall, peloton offers a plethora of efficient, fun and interactive classes that caters to all activity levels. If you are looking to increase your activity level and have some fun with awesome instructors, check out Peloton!