Cari Simon Physical Therapist
Dr. Cari Simon PT, DPT

Cari Simon Physical Therapist

Cari Simon PT, DPT

Cari Simon Physical Therapist is the owner of Release Physical Therapy Washington DC. She received her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Hartford. A former All-New England and All-State soccer player, Dr. Simon was part of the U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team pool, but ultimately decided to redirect her career in pursuit of her true passion: care. She is now one of the top physical therapists in Washington, DC. As one of the most highly regarded physical therapists in Washington, DC, Dr. Cari Simon’s treatment approach combines manual mobilization and manipulation techniques with individualized therapeutic exercise. She is a full body Active Release Technique (ART) provider. Additionally, Dr. Simon utilizes athletic taping methods, including McConnell, and Kinesio, as well as Trigger Point Dry Needle Therapy. When she is not helping her patients meet their physical goals, Cari Simon Physical Therapist enjoys networking with other physical therapists in Washington, DC, outdoor activities and spending time with her family.

What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Simon

Cari Simon Physical Therapist

"Dr. Simon's knowledge, expertise and patience have given me my life back. She spent more time discussing my injuries and recovery than both my doctor and an orthopedist." - L.J.
"As a physician, I treat many patients with musculoskeletal injuries. I consistently refer them to Dr. Simon’s practice. Anyone looking to get pain relief or rehab an old injury should definitely go to this practice! They are outstanding!" - Dr. Ethan Litman, MD
"Dr. Simon's skill, knowledge and sheer will greatly accelerated my rehab process. At about the two-month mark, I began to experience significant advances in mobility." - Elizabeth Pfotzer

About Release Physical Therapy Washington DC

Release Physical Therapy Washington DC is an award-winning physical therapy practice. Release Physical Therapy provides the best in comprehensive, evidence-based treatments and personalized care. Our physical therapists use hands-on techniques and the latest technology to relieve pain, improve function, and enhance health and wellness. We welcome the chance to guide you on the road to better health through our personalized and integrated approach to wellness.

At Release Physical Therapy Washington, DC, we offer a full range of manual therapies, as well as both traditional and non-traditional techniques. We work one-on-one with our patients to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets their unique needs, conditions, wellness goals and fitness levels.