Physical therapy is about results.

Too often, patients discontinue therapy because of a bad experience. At Release Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing the highest quality care through patient education, on-going clinician training, and personalized approach to treatment. But don’t take it from us, read what our patients have to say about their experience with Release Physical Therapy:

“In the Fall of 2012, I took two separate falls that injured my Achilles tendon, knee and ankles. I was inconstant pain from the time I stepped out of bed and my toes touched the floor until I finally found a position that allowed me to sleep somewhat comfortably.

I was referred to Dr. Simon in the Spring of 2013 and was shocked to find instant relief after only one session! Dr. Simon listened carefully and took copious notes about the extent and locations of my injuries and pain. She utilized a diverse set of techniques, both standard and non-traditional, that addressed my problems and relieved the pain immediately. Dr. Simon also demonstrated how to do stretches that not only eased my pain, but also assisted with regaining the strength back in my knees and ankles. Every session, she rechecked problem spots to ensure progress and healing and asked a variety of questions to gauge my recovery.

Her knowledge, expertise and patience have given me my life back. She spent more time discussing my injuries and recovery than both my doctor and an orthopedist. Her diverse skill set, professionalism and patience make her an excellent physical therapist. I have already recommended her to friends and co-workers. I even sent my husband and Dr. Simon helped him with migraine pain and stretches to do as well. I will surely be back for maintenance because it just makes your body feel fantastic!”

– LJ

“My recent shoulder fracture was characterized by my surgeon as ‘possibly the worst’ he’d seen. After spending six weeks in a sling to immobilize my shoulder after surgery, my shoulder and arm had zero range of motion and negligible range of motion assisting with my uninjured arm. It has been a slow and painful recovery to put it mildly.

I began working with Dr. Simon’s in March of 2013 to begin the long rehabilitation process. It is my belief that her skill, knowledge and sheer will greatly accelerated my rehab process and at about the two-month mark, I began to experience significant advances in mobility which I attribute to her administering a “dry needling” technique. I was not an early adopter of this methodology, but because of another patient of Dr. Simon’s advocating so strongly, I decided to give it a try.

Her patient’s testimony was a powerful inducement for me, as I hope my testimony will be for others behind me. Under her care, I expect to be swimming at near full strength by the end of the summer.”

– Elizabeth Pfotzer