Stephanie Lam Physical Therapist Washington DC

About Stephanie Lam Physical Therapist Washington DC

Stephanie Lam Physical Therapist Washington DC is the newest addition to the Release Physical Therapy practice. Dr. Stephanie Lam received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the School of Health Technology and Management at Stony Brook University, after attaining dual degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of Virginia. She is highly experienced in several fields of adult orthopedics, including post-surgical recovery, acute sports injury rehabilitation, athletic performance improvement, and chronic pain management. She also has a passion for pediatrics and has treated kids of all ages for congenital and developmental issues. In fact, Dr. Lam redirected her thoughts about medical school to pursue physical therapy after completing an internship in pediatric Aquatic Therapy.

Dr. Stephanie Lam uses her patient’s individual goals to guide treatment, addressing her patient’s symptomatic impairments while considering their day-to-day ability to function and perform athletic and recreational activities. Dr. Lam incorporates manual therapy throughout her treatments, specializing in extensive deep soft tissue manipulation and mobilizations of the spine and peripheral joints. She is also certified in Dry Needling for Trigger Point Release.

In her free time, Dr. Lam enjoys being active and is always welcome to suggestions for new adventures around DC and Virginia. She loves hiking with her dog, hosting dinner parties, and reading.

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Stephanie Lam Physical Therapist Washington DC Areas of Specialization

  • adult orthopedic physical therapy
  • post-surgical recovery
  • acute sports injury rehabilitation
  • physical therapy for athletic performance improvement
  • physical therapy for chronic pain management
  • aquatic physical therapy
  • pediatric physical therapy
  • trigger point dry needle therapy
  • manual physical therapy
  • soft tissue manipulation
  • mobilization techniques for the spine and peripheral joints

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