Sport-Physiotherapy-Perth-for-Hamstring-Injury-815x360Your Hamstrings Aren’t Tight… They’re Weak.

So stop wasting your time just stretching them and let’s solve the root cause of the problem! The hamstrings are a group of three muscles on the back of your thigh that work in conjunction with your glutes to extend the hip and help you do day-to-day things like stand up. The problem comes when we live at our desks and sit on our glutes all day. This causes them to “turn off” and leaves their weaker cousins, the hamstrings, to take up the slack.

The hamstrings are not as powerful of a muscle as the glutes. In fact, some would argue that the glutes are your body’s most powerful muscle. So when our glutes aren’t firing, that’s asking a lot of the hamstrings. When a muscle isn’t strong enough to do what the body is asking it will become weak and tight… and invite injuries, regardless of the physical activity you’re pursuing.

The human body is an amazing machine that allows us to perform some pretty astounding physical feats. But when abused, or not working under optimal conditions, it will use the only thing it has to protect us: our muscles. Neurologically, the brain shortens the hamstrings to give our hips and low back some stability that should be coming from the glutes.

Want to fix that pesky hamstring tightness? Start by getting rid of glute amnesia and fully activate the powerhouse muscle that it should be. With just a few simple moves and consistent training, the glutes will be back in action in no time. One of the best exercises to start with is the bridge – check out the video below!

Stay healthy my friends!


Virginia Dula, DPT, OCS