Elbow-Treatment-2(72dpi)If you’re ever experienced chronic pain or endured the recovery from an injury, you probably wished you could waive a magic wand and make it go away. The therapists of Release Physical Therapy aren’t certified in magic, however they do have a powerful new tool available to alleviate pain and rapidly promote healing. The K-Laser™ is a Class IV, compact laser, which works by stimulating healing and minimizing inflammation on the cellular level. With the pass of a wand, you’ll feel a mild warming sensation. Some clients experience relief instantly, while others see results in just a few short sessions. The treatment is integrated into regular client sessions, and can be paired with a range of other treatments to maximize outcomes.

Laser technology was originated by Albert Einstein almost 100 years ago, and has been used by medical professionals around the world since the 1960’s. In 2003, the FDA cleared Class IV lasers (the most powerful class in the industry) for patient care. Dr. Phil Harrington, a pioneer in the medical field, developed the K-Laser specifically for application in the physical rehabilitation field. Release Physical Therapy is the first and only practice in Washington, DC to offer this exciting new technology as a pioneer in the field of individualized care.

Do you have an experience with the K-Laser™? What kinds of results have you seen? Please share them with info@releasept.com and stay tuned for more stories about this breakthrough technology.